MARK HUNTER began his writing career as a small child publishing his first book at only 9 years old. During his formative teen years, the allure of the Detroit streets captured Hunter’s attention, and he turned away from his first love of writing, got caught up in the wrong crowd and became part of the city’s gritty street life.  Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the young man to step back into purpose and pick up his pen and paper once again.  He wrote his first play EYES OF DECEPTION, starring CHRISTIAN KEYES, in 2012 and followed up in 2013 with MAN UP. He served as co-writer onSTAY IN YOUR PLACE in 2014 and penned his current production MAMA ARE THERE ANY GOOD MEN LEFT? that same year.  His newest play,WOMAN MISLED, debuted in Detroit the weekend after Mother’s Day in 2015. Hunter believes his time spent in the streets served to provide him with more stories to tell. He is grateful to God for the experiences and his natural ability to tell compelling stories that speak to the human condition and the African American experience.

Mama Are There Any Good Men Left